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What to do during your waiting season


It is hard and painful but soo worth it.
It’s a season of preparation.

Now let me share a testimony during a season in my life. In December 2015, I wrapped up my contract role at an energy company. Like many would imagine, I persistently applied before December and after, but nothing came through. Fast forward to summer 2016, I got an offer surprisingly in another energy company but few days in I stopped as it wasn’t a good fit. The emotions swirled in and for a moment I was downcast, but I was at peace because with all that happened my family was my utmost priority and no amount of money was going to rob me of that.

Shortly afterwards I discovered I was pregnant with my 2nd baby! Hmmm Lord! Yes, I did want another baby, but I also wanted to build my career for a while before trying again as it was almost 1 year in without a job. Having this baby would mean a longer time off after all who was going to hire a pregnant woman! I gave birth summer 2017 and by 2018 summer I started thinking about getting back to work but it wasn’t going to be as easy! Things had evolved and I decided to take a certification exam! I studied and got certified in July! But in between taking care of two toddlers, hubby and my home, I barely had time to apply for jobs!

I started a small business in May but in my heart, I knew I truly wanted to get back to building my career! During this waiting season, the Holy Spirit and I kept conversing. Tejiri enjoy this period becausethese kids will grow quickly and all you’ll have are memories! Make these moments count and invest in your family! Yes, I love my kids and husband, but it was hard!!!! I felt underutilized and incompetent in supporting my family! In my mind I was just a housewife!

One day the Lord led me to write down a vision board and off I began!!! This was in 2018 and your girl hadn’t even been applying for jobs, but having an excellent job was on that list! I wrote by faith and stuck it on my prayer wall in my wardrobe!

I started applying intensively, I would drive several miles for recruitment & career fairs, but nothing came through! 2019 came and I applied for jobs like my life depended on it but not one interview in sight! Along came April and I received a call one faithful morning of an opportunity, prayed and submitted my application. I got an offer in May! As much as I wanted to push it because I felt my family and I weren’t ready for the transition, I chose to start a day before my birthday because this was a birthday gift from God, I had told myself! By end of June I had strikethrough half my written expectations on my vision board for 2018 and by July ending I stricken through all! Guess what one of them was? Have a servant’s heart (Divine direction from God on ways to continually be a blessing! (One of which was going to be this blog) Yes! He’s that faithful! Crazy faithful!!! The vision was for an appointed time, though it tarried it surely came to pass at God’s perfect time!

“Humble yourselves therefore under God’s mighty hand, that he may lift u up in due time” 1 Peter 5:6

In retrospect, I wasn’t ready to start work in 2018 even though I wished prayed and worked towards it. Between then and when I started working, there was a lot of self-development and if I had gotten this job any earlier than I did, I wouldn’t have been as equipped as I was on various levels and my family above all wasn’t ready for that transition at that time!

Now let me tell you something, this was a very tough season in my life! For almost three years I didn’t have a full-time job, I had a part time job but not what I wanted but here are a few things I learnt!

Patience- I prayed hard, worshipped earnestly and faithfully served with one major request unanswered. But my faith was unwavered if anything I developed patience, and this also inadvertently affected my personal life positively. James 1:3, Romans 5:4

Trust– trust God through the process. He knows what’s best for u. No good thing will he withhold from his Abraham trusted God for a promise and it was accounted unto him as faith. Romans 4: 18-21

Stay faithful– Don’t serve God only when u have needs/ expectations!

Character– hard times will test you, your reaction will determine your level of growth and note this: that level u seek to attain will bring its own set of tests & trials! Be ready to develop upon what I’ve learnt & acquired! James 1:2-3

Lastly, writing on a vision board was prophetic and will always serve as a reminder of God’s faithfulness. Because now I can reflect over what God has done in my life and whenever I encounter any challenges, I’m reminded that if God could come through for me previously, he is beyond able to do the same again. And even when he doesn’t, it’s not because he can’t but it’s probably either not the right time or that’s not his best for me.


•Oh Lord, your word in 1 Peter 1:7 says these trials (personalize it) will develop my faith so that after it’s proven it will bring you praise and Glory. Glorify yourself through this in my life. Because in the end it’s all about you!

•Oh Lord, according to your word in 2 Corinthians 4:17, my present troubles are small and won’t last very long, yet they produce for (put your name) a glory that vastly outweighs them and will last forever.

•I will be strong and be of good courage. I will not fear nor be dismayed for Jehovah God is with me. He will not leave me nor forsake me (Deuteronomy 31:6).

•On the grounds of your mercy, vindicate me and finish what you started in me Lord. Psalm 138:8

•It is written in Psalm 34:5 that because Tejiri (insert your name) looks up to God, she is radiant, and her face will never be covered with shame.

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